Thursday, April 2

Observing Proper Etiquette in a Gentlemen’s Club

Compared to your local strip club, you can experience a night filled with high-class amenities and sexy ladies in a gentlemen’s club. After working hard for a long day, this is where men can relax and unwind over fancy drinks, grand lounges, and sultry performances from the hottest women in town. With the word gentlemen in it, the number one rule in every gentlemen’s club is to be a respectful and always observe proper decorum.

Here are ways to behave when visiting a gentlemen’s club:

Dress Up Suitably
It is not the night to wear your casual jeans and an ordinary shirt. In a gentlemen’s club, you need to dress up with class and style, especially if there is a dress code. So suit up and put on your best clothes. Unless specified, opt to wear something formal or professional. Not only will you look good but you will also feel good.

No Kissing or Licking
In order to be a proper gentleman, always respect the ladies giving you a good time. Most strip clubs have a strict no kissing policy. No matter how lucious the ladies look while giving you a lap dance, keep your mouths and hands to yourselves. Her lips, neck, and breasts are not yours to keep. Try to touch her and you’ll get kicked out of the club and into the kerb.

Do not grope the dancers
When the ladies get sexy on the dancefloor, it can get the men wild and crazy. But a gentleman would respect the dancers from their seats. When in a gentlemen’s club, it is highly discouraged to grope the ladies as it is considered rude. Imagine if you were in the shoes of the dancer, it would be a gross feeling to have your body parts touched when performing and without your permission.

Do not flash any genitalia
What is worse than groping ladies is showing the thing tucked between your legs. The last thing the ladies would want to see is your genitalia being flashed without consent. When being taken to a private room, be a gentleman and make sure to keep it in your pants at all times. Nobody needs to see what you have hidden in there. Not in a strip club, anyway.

These are the few rules to follow when visiting a gentlemen’s club, remember to always look classy and respect the ladies, then you will experience a fine evening in whatever gentlemen’s club you visit.


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